Pooping on up

We still buy pull ups, and sometimes when we run out of those Paige throws on a diaper, stands in the corner and poos in it. Potty training was sort of a breeze; she goes to the bathroom solo, pees, wipes, washes her hands, comes out and goes right back to playing. Sometimes she needs me to turn on the light, sometimes she doesn’t mind peeing in the dark. She wears underpants out, and I don’t really worry about her having accidents in public because she’s that good.

And when it comes time to poo she can put on her own pull up, goes quietly, and we clean her up and it’s back to playing. She’s pooped in the potty once, and that might have been a fluke. A fart that woops! Turned into a turned and mass hysteria at our house because we thought this is it.

Everyone asks when she’s going to poop on the potty. When we have friends over they like to brag that their (younger) child has been going for months, so why can’t Paige? We have offered her anything from a bounty of fine chocolate to a pet. Any pet. She contemplates all of these bribes and quietly goes back to her pull up because she’s just not ready. And I don’t mind – let her take her time, until she feels comfortable enough to go on the potty. Let her have this because she doesn’t have anything else – she doesn’t stick things in her mouth, suck her thumb, ask for a pacifier or any of that weird stuff kids can do. She just doesn’t want to poop in the potty. Who cares, she’s not hurting anyone, she’s not hurting herself…so fuck off. Just fuck the fuck off and leave us alone

My husband (who barely changes diapers in the first place) is obsessed with getting Paige to poop in the potty. He offers the floor as a creative space to poop, and has cut holes in her pull ups so that it (oops!) falls on the floor and she can experience that. She has, she’s not impressed — friends take me aside and whisper so what’s going on here you think like there’s some psychological explanation for my daughters poop on the potty strike.  Isn’t it okay to take your time with something? Why do we have to make my daughter feel ashamed?

To the poop haters – back off! When she does go I will shower her in chocolates and scented stickers but until then — who gives a shit?

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