Pooping on up, #2

This morning I was in the bathroom and Paige asked if I could get her a pull up — I told her she needed to wait. After awhile I heard her sigh and she came in, opened her smaller potty we keep in the bathroom, and told me she was ready to go. And she pooped, and we all gave her so love and support after and she declared that it wasn’t scary! And she’d be doing it daily! And now she gets a pet :) Something small of course…

Which just goes to show that patience and love go a long way…Go Paige!

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  1. NEIL

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  1. Katie G. says:

    awww! see, she can do it. hehe.

    pooping can be so embarrassing for some kids. I hate it when moms criticize and diagnose non-potty-poopers.

  2. Tracy says:

    Same. Give a kid some time, and they will be more confident!

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