To cook

Or not to cook it seems?

I have high hopes when it comes to cooking, but I can slack. The things that get in my way are all the normal stuff: exhaustion, a cranky babe that doesn’t want to be held or put down (imagine that!), and just plain laziness. One of my wishy washy resolutions was to cook more and I haven’t been living up to it so I’m turning to my blog. I am going to document what I hope to cook in one weeks time, and each week will come back to honestly admit whether I ordered Indian food instead of making my own chicken curry. As usual there will be no mayhem to my madness, and I will simply have a wish of things I hope to cook and bake, without attaching days or meals. This allows for some leniency and will make it more realistic to accomplish my little kitchen goals : )

Breakfasts for next 7 days:

Grain puff cereal with honey, vanilla cinnamon French toast, eggs, apple cinnamon muffins & fruit, yogurts and fruits (everything will rotate), bagels

Lunch for next 7 days:

turkey sandwiches, yogurt crackers and fruits, tuna melts! BLTS with avocado (rotate these) and we will eat out for a few lunches


Mini personal quiche with zucchini, turkey with mushrooms (rice and veggie), turkey burgers with sliced avocado, breakfast for dinner

That’s it for now, I am going to rotate the dinners to include leftovers, dinner out, and smaller things that I have pre-made.

Wish me luck but more importantly, share your meal plans!

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