I promise one day I’ll stop being a lazy bum and will upload the pictures I have of us ice skating, doing projects and being silly.

We have been very busy getting snowed in. Some people are used to getting snow dumped on them for the majority of winter but it’s safe to say around here things get sticky. On my (narrow, urban-y) street the snow has no place to go so up it goes into huge ole’ piles that make parking/driving/walking exciting.  We have gone for a few walks that end up in snow angels, made an igloo in the backyard, made some sort of snow hill for the kids to go down on their bellies, and stayed inside a lot. Watching the Princess Bride, baking things, reading, and being sort of lazy. We did aventure out to see old friends, and meet new ones, and it’s been quiet and fun.

This morning Paige and I went to Disney Princess on ice. Now, before I go on about how much she squealed in delight yes I’m very well aware that at one point not too long ago I was very anti. Anti princess, Disney and the likes — but it’s safe to say I’ve given in. Paige loves monsters and tutus; princesses and warlocks; bugs and sparkly high heeled shoes. I’ve explained that while it’s all magical princesses can be strong and very kick ass and so our days have included some pretend play with (gasp!) toys that aren’t wooden and even (gasp) an Ariel swimming mermaid doll. They are bringing Paige so much happiness, and her Sleeping Beauty fits right in with her wooden knights, dragons and castle.

This past week has been a release for me. I do consider mysel a “natural” parent (whatever that really means..) We bed share, plan on homeschooling (unless I find the perfect nature-oriented Charter school) didn’t circumcise, are delaying or not vaccinating…but lately I’ve become relaxed. I think that motherhood these days is a competition but when it comes to the natural parent crowd, it can get downright ugly.  I’ve often joked that for someone who runs a natural parent’s group, I can be pretty much the opposite. Yep there’s me on the couch eating Doritos and drinking an iced cold soda, hi! I do feel I connect on a better level with a more eclectic mommy crowd, but I have seen so many things in my 3 years being on team mom that are just ugly.  It’s who breastfeed the longest, who makes their own baby food, and who has the most (or least) wooden toy collection, who’s doing this, or that. It makes me want to puke.

I want to surround myself with people that love me and all my imperfections. I don’t want to compete with anyone or FEEL like I have to

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  1. Katie says:

    I think sometimes labels are too overused, especially when it comes to parenting styles. Everyone has a “right” way and new method. You know your kid, you know what works and you take it from there. We have a good mix of princesses, dinosaurs and natural toys here too, I still cosleep almost 5 years on and we eat vegetarian/recycle/buy handmade where possible…but I don’t consider myself to be crunchy or an earth mumma. I would give my right leg for an 80’s movie marathon night eating junk, drinking wine, smoking a joint and wearing nothing but the comfiest pyjamas I have in my not so organised drawers.

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