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I’ve been avoiding updating my blog like the plague. When I’m so hesitant to sit down and write I know it’s time for a change; a new layout perhaps?

Another change that’s inevitable is that our beloved babysitter’s leaving. She’s spending a month in Australia and moving (forever) to Denver Colorado. When you’ve spent almost a year getting to know a person, and when that same person has seen your son grow from a nugget who was born in the upstairs bedroom to this ga-gaing, almost crawling, little red hair cherub well…you feel sad. This gal has heard me fart, seen me in the morning with no bra/mascara under my eyes/slugging down coffee, and knows my many moods. To have to search for another person and establish a relationship that’s incredibly personal but also professional is daunting.

What do I even want in a caregiver for my babes? Someone who’s at least a little familiar with attachment parent, is okay with finger paints and bug hunts, who will love my children. Or children in general – to appreciate even the crummy moments for what they are and who will grin with me and talk about things while we work together. Just a few hours a week I need this person so that I can maintain sanity and creativity. Please?

In other news, things have been wintery here.  Paper snow flakes and paper hearts decorate our windows for the next few months (because even though that damn groundhog promises an early spring…I don’t believe it) and we have been making a mess of all the toys books and crafts in the house.  We’ve baked muffins, pretended to bring stuffed dogs to the zoo, and made some awesome lavender, chamomile play doh.  This came out so lovely that I think we are going to make another, much larger batch next week. I used Lusa Organics Cranky Pants essential oil, dried lavender, and a pinch of purple all natural dye.

In other news Wyatt is getting so large. He’s still very smily, except when he’s not. He likes to bounce, read picture books, and stealing spoons out of my hands to try to feed himself. Therefore most of the times I have a crusty, stinky baby that we all love very much. Can not wait for spring so may babes can run around in the grass together (because hopefully Wyatt will be mobile by the time the sun is shining)

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